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September 8, 2009
» Pedagogy of new media

The first keynote at ALT-C was from Michael Wesch

I’ve blogged about it as it was going on here you can also follow live discussions about the talk on Twitter

» "In dreams begins responsibility" - choice, evidence, and change

This year the Association of Learning Technologists Conference (ALT-C) focuses on dreaming dreams, but taking responsibility.

This means the conference will focus on the way we can have bright ideas, but need to root our dreams in evidence. So a focus on doing Technology Enhanced Learning and using research as the basis of decision making.

I’ll try to reflect some of the key conference themes in the Learning Zone over the next few days.

September 1, 2009
» Updates of Turnitin in Glamorgan - June-July 2009

The University’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2007-2012 is vested in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) to promote learning and teaching excellence, resulting the increased use of online assessment and to enhance prevention and detection of plagiarism with TurnitinUK. CELT encourages all academics across the University and partner colleges to embed TurnitinUK through Blackboard. As such, CELT offers both pedagogical and technical support for TurnitinUK as follows:

A. One-to-One Support:

CELT provides one-to-one advice through emails, phone calls or face-to-face support by sitting beside the individual (either walk him/her through the TurnitinUK or to solve any issue ASAP).

B. Disciplinary-tailored Group training:

CELT organises small group training of 3-15 academics from different departments upon request. The training is conducted in a computer lab for academics to have hands on experience to play around with TurnitinUK through Blackboard. Student sessions would be arranged upon request by individual staff. Some staff would brief their students themselves

The following are some updates for the above activities:

1. One-to-One Support :
<dir> i. June and July: more than 20 staff were supported
ii. Accumulated total (21 Jan - 5 Aug 09): more than 95 staff were supported; more than 18 students were supported in one-to-one approached upon request </dir>

2. Group Training:
<dir> i. June and July: 5 staff sessions were conducted; 21staff were trained
ii. Accumulated total (21 Jan - 5 Aug 09): 19 staff sessions were conducted; 79 staff were trained; 8 student sessions were conducted; 83 students were trained

iii. Excellent feedback for the training, i.e. easy-to-use system and pedagogical-focused training </dir>

As a result, the TurnitinUK System statistics (figures on the 7 Aug 09) for the University of Glamorgan shows that there are currently 284 instructors (224 instructors in March 09); 3885 students (2582 students in March 09) and 10944 submissions (8643 submissions in March 09)
It has been a huge take-up by both the staff and studentsin the past few months!

The Glamorgan's Turnitin wiki were shared across the Glamorgan and the UK user group for the upcoming sessions and FAQs. There are 107 visits; 45 absolute unique visitors and an average of 5.50minutes of time the visitors spent on site.

Upcoming training can be found from the Turnitin wiki site. Fee free to contact Esyin Chew if you have further query.

July 28, 2009
» Turnitin needs your feedback!

TurnitinUK is pleased to announce that they have recently launched a new way for Turnitin UK users to request new features and suggest changes that they would like to see in the Turnitin UK software - a new user feedback website at Turnitin User Voice.

This site allows you to suggest new enhancements that you would like to see in the Turnitin software and view other suggestions that have been made by other users. As well as being able to create new suggestions for where Turnitin can be improved or enhanced, you can assign a limited number of votes to the exiting suggestions to convey how important they are to you. Periodically TurnitinUK will propose the top suggestions to the developers for them to consider as candidates for inclusion in the product.

Such a voting system where each user can spend a maximum of 10 votes on any combination of enhancement suggestions that they feel would most benefit their Turnitin UK users. As well as being able to vote for enhancements you can suggest your own enhancement suggestions that you and other users could then vote for.

If you know of any other Turnitin users that you feel would have an opinion they would like to share with our user feedback website please pass these details on to them. The more views we can collect the better!

Please go to the following web site Turnitin User Feedback Forum to sign up and start voting.

If you know of any instructor level Turnitin users that you feel would value the chance to vote for and suggest future enhancements please direct them to the link included above. (Please not that users will need to sign up to using their intuitional email address to avoid an authorisation request needing to be sent)

February 6, 2009
» Have you "turned it in" through Blackboard?

Many of you may already be familiar with Turnitin plagarism detection tool through the public website. From now onwards, all Glamorgan academics can access the exactly same service through Blackboard with a few clicks.

The benefits:

1. To save times and resources - the creation and submission of the assignment, and the generation of originality report will be completely online through Blackboard.

2. To promote formative assessment - students can perform “self- check” on their assignment on plagiarism before submission.

3. To make the submission of assignment and plagiarism detection simpler - everything is integrated in Blackboard environment in a user friendly interface.

The training for Turnitin through Blackboard is available upon request. Please contact CELT or IS Customers Support Services 2882 for further information. Come and turn it in!

January 6, 2009
» Develop me!

In the last ELESIG meeting, I learn an interesting project from the University of Bradford to enhance students' experiences - Develop me! Using social software such as Ning before and during the times in the university, the students would feel more confident about being at University, meet and chat with other students at the university and to access to a complete learner support services. One of the services is the Personal Development Plan - SaPRA.

"It's good to know that the institution or lecturer cares about you"

Do we care about our students and do we understand their experiences? There is a list of recent Learner Experience Projects across the country and the learners' videos and audios - talking about their experiences of using technology. Students plead us to develop them! Have we made our full effort to do so?

QMP, Turnitin and social software can help and CELT is here to help!

April 29, 2008
» GWELLA@Glamorgan

As I mentioned in my first post on this topic Higher Education Institutions in Wales are now engaging with the GWELLA programme as part of their response to the HEFCW Enhancing learning and teaching through technology strategy.

Today Glamorgan holds the first meeting of its Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) steering group to explore the TEL project by which we will take forward the GWELLA programme. The Higher Education Academy has appointed a support team to work with institutions during the programme. Paul Bacsich who worked with us during the Blended Learning Benchmarking project and the Blended Learning Evaluation will be the Academy’s ‘Critical Friend’ for the current project.

Today’s steering group meeting will look at our outline proposals for development and enhancement to receive guidance and feedback from our critical friend as to the way they meet the requirements of the HEFCW strategy and to develop an operational plan for implementation.

Watch this blog for further updates on the way the TEL project is progressing at Glamorgan.

April 9, 2008
» Technology Enhanced Learning in Wales

On Monday (7th April 2008) the Welsh Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCW) launched its new Strategy for Enhancing learning and teaching through technology

The strategy outlines HEFCW’s intention to cut through the complex range of terms used in the sector (Blended Learning, E-Learning, M-learning, Online Learning etc.) and describe the whole of the use technology in learning and teaching as TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING. This is in line with the approach which has been advocated for some time by The Association for Learning Technology (ALT):http://www.alt.ac.uk/ and should bring some clarity to discussions in the area.

To support the implementation of the strategy a team from the Higher Education Academy will be working with Welsh HEIs under the project title GWELLA – a GWELLA blog has been created to share information and I’m sure those involved in learning and teaching enhancement at Glamorgan will be keen to read what is being planned.

More on Glamorgan’s plans to respond to the HEFCW startegy will appear on the Learning Zone blog shortly.