Congratulations to colleagues in the GPU that have been working on the GAMY project – Dr. Rachel Iredale, Kim Madden and Nicki Taverner. The Genetics Rap video that they commissioned from Jon Chase (aka Oort Kuiper) as part of their work has just been voted ‘Judges Choice’ in the recent The Scientist 2010 Labby Multimedia Awards – video section Judges comments included Jeffery Segall (Professor of anatomy and structural biology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York): Had me wanting to dance—must be in my genes! Nigel Holmes (legendary graphic designer and founder of Explanation Graphics, a graphic design firm in New York): The most fun and the most original; and the science is right there too. Very nice!

If you are looking to engage people (young and old) in genetic science then try the video – the students we’ve shown it to love it!