‘Engaging young people: views on online storytelling’ is a pilot project funded by the Beacan for Wales, testing the feasibility of using an online method to collect young people’s views on sharing health related stories in the Internet.

A project web site has been developed, with considerable time and effort, to host online discussions. The discussions became alive last Monday. Thirteen enthusiastic young people aged 16-19 years joined the group. One topic was introduced for discussion each day from Monday to Friday last week. The discussions are still open for participants to contribute this week if they missed a discussion last week or would like to make additional comments.

Juping and Kim who moderated the discussions are very excited about young people’s views and the number of postings received. They are also keen to know what young people think about their experience of participation and their engagement with research. A brief online evaluation questionnaire was sent out this week to get some feedback from participants.