Today saw the launch of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s report on Genomic Medicine. The review has been gathering evidence during 2008/09 from a wide range of experts in the UK. Maggie gave evidence in November and the committee also went out to the US to speak with representatives from the National Human Genome Research Institute in the US (where they again heard about the education framework developed here at Glamorgan! – See presentation from Dr. Jean Jenkins, Senior Clinical Advisor to the Director)

The lobbying has paid off. Although we are still wading through the 126page report and are sure there are many positive recommendations, we are delighted with the one that focuses on the nursing professions:

Recommendation 47: We urge the Nursing and Midwifery Council to set detailed standards across the curriculum on genetics and genomics for nurses, both for pre-registration nursing education and as part of post-registration education and practice.

You can here Lord Patel on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme talking about the need to invest more in training to deliver better health care. Apologies to anyone driving down the A470 at the same time as me when the interview came on – you might have been distracted by the mad woman grinning and whooping in her car!