This week I’m heading across ‘the pond’ to the United States for a two week visit. I’m being hosted by Jean Jenkins [Senior Clinical Advisor to the Director, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), National Institutes of Health (NIH)] and Kathleen Calzone [Senior Nurse Specialist, National Cancer Institute, NIH]. The busy schedule that they have planned will see me talking about the work of the NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre as well as learning about the current activities and priorities in the US to integrate genetics and genomics into healthcare practice.

Like Maggie Kirk and myself here in the UK, Jean and Kathy are working hard to promote and support genetics and genomics within the nursing community. While I am visiting, they are holding a meeting for their Faculty (nurse educator) Champions, so it will be really interesting to hear how easy or difficult they are finding developing/delivering university curricula.

Thanks to the Faculty of Health, Sport & Science for funding this trip through its research awards.

Posted on behalf of Emma Tonkin