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October 24, 2012
» Only the juciest cherrys picked: guaranteed!

There has been a bit of a flap amongst certain types of blogs over the past weekend. This has been mostly centred on an article and update that appeared in the Mail on Sunday, claiming as certain types are wont … Continue reading

November 11, 2011
» Out of Time?

The International Energy Agency put out their World Energy Outlook (WEO) this week. I don’t seem to remember the WEO getting a huge amount of press usually, but this time it comes with a warning that guarantees headlines. “The world … Continue reading

May 18, 2011
» Yet another round of cuts

The Government just can’t seem to stop announcing cuts! This week the Government has proposed a plan to cut GHG emissions by 50% from 1990 levels by 2025 en route to 80% cuts by 2050. Under the Climate Change Act … Continue reading

March 22, 2011
» World Water Day

I have an article published today for World Water Day on the University Website that I thought I would leave a link to from here, it doesn’t go into too much detail about anything but has some links to places … Continue reading

February 1, 2011
» What a difference a year makes.

This post is a belated update to the lies, damn lies, and statistics post from the end of last year. The below figure has been updated with the temperature anomaly for 2010, and we can see that it sits just … Continue reading

December 16, 2010
» Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

In his 1954 book “How to lie with statistics,” Darrell Huff devotes a chapter to the “Gee-Whiz” graph. He shows that by truncating figures and altering the proportions between axis that it is possible to create a misleading impression without … Continue reading