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March 9, 2010
» Bundler update, they grow up so fast!

Recently I wrote a post about using bundler, well so much has changed since then I thought we needed a little update. Firstly, we’re now using bundler 0.9.7, so you need to remove the old bundler and install the new one gem uninstall bundler gem install bundler -v 0.9.7 The new bundler installs the files … Continue reading Bundler update, they grow up so fast!

February 18, 2010
» Continuous Integration with Integrity

What is he banging on about this time? Having a Continuous Integration system in place is a central practice of a functioning agile development team. Our old CI server was bardy, supa dupa bardy, and over complicated. We were using cruisecontrol.rb, it did the trick but we were using java to run our selenium tests, … Continue reading Continuous Integration with Integrity