On a serious and hopefully useful note, the Walkthrough guide for Glamlife has just been updated. Thanks very much to CELT for their work on the flash version. The walkthrough guide exists primarily for students who are very new, and staff who may wish to give a view of Glamlife during inductions. We’d love to hear your opinions about it. If you need any other material for your inductions, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

On a less serious note, we’ve just had a snow day! Yes, even Glamlife staff get excited about snow, and no, none of the many, many snowballs that traversed campus hit any of us, honest…

When this kind of weather occurs, we’re in the same boat as everyone else. We’ll post messages about cancelled lectures on the site as soon as we’re told, and we’ll put up announcements about any campus closures. Yesterday, that meant we put up the announcement just after 10am – and campuses closed at 11am. Around 11am, we put a notice on the login page of the site – something which is not standard practice. And in the afternoon, a photo of a snow man was added, to give a big visual hint. Oh, and because it seemed like good fun. How and when did you find out about the campus closure – and was it how you expected to find out?

Meanwhile, here is our photo from yesterday:

Image of snowman

Looking around the web, the aftermath of a snow day can be found everywhere.

...and probably in a million other places. Add yours in the comments! We’d love to see more!

Campus panorama

After feedback from local residents, the University would like to ask you not to do anything dangerous, and be mindful of the safety of yourself and others at all times. In residential areas, try to avoid obstructing any cleared pathways – people who are elderly or have disabilities may not be able to leave their homes if their way to the car is slippery or obstructed, so it is important to them to keep some paths clear.

That said, of course we want you to enjoy yourselves. Weather reports suggest a second flurry of snow may be on the way. Further updates will be posted on Glamlife as soon as they become available.