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July 1, 2008
» Facebook Apps in Welsh

According to a post on allfacebook, Facebook applications will soon allow creators the option of tagging them by language.

I have seen several applications with a Welsh theme (e.g. ones to send Welsh things to your friends – leek anyone?), but none in the Welsh language. As I detest almost all Facebook applications, this is perhaps not surprising – are there any/many?

In other strange Facebook news, I just received my first Welsh-language friend request. What makes it strange is not that it is in Welsh, or that I have no idea who the person is (or that anyone would want to be my friend – thanks!) but that it is a request to a dummy account that I use only for research purposes. It contains no “personal” data at all, no picture, and an obviously silly name (a character from a Welsh childrens story). Are people really that desperate for friends – or did some cruel parent really name their child after that character?

Of course it is quite exciting to see the invitation in Welsh, strange or otherwise.

Thanks to Mike for the applications story.

June 9, 2008
» Facebook will be in Welsh

An article on icWales Facebook chooses to speak Welsh reports on progress towards a Welsh language interface for Facebook.

Another nice example of an open approach to software localisation which includes the ability for the community of translators to vote on difficult terms. It also includes a leaderboard of top translators which is quite fun.

For those people who like stats – 623 translators submitted 22,942 translations (either there were a lot of duplicates or there are a lot of words/phrases in Facebook!). For those people disappointed they might have missed out, there are still 857 untranslated phrases – I wonder if they are the really difficult ones?

By coincidence Courtenay and I are just in the middle of some very laborious research looking at Welsh language use on Facebook groups – too early to say if we have found anything interesting (let’s hope so!) as we have only just finished our data collection. Will say more once (if!) we think we have something interesting to say.

Thanks to Geneen for finding the icWales story.