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April 5, 2009

History Division News
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» Schools Event - AS-Level History Conference

Succeeding at History AS-Level, 2nd April 2009

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Over forty students and teachers from schools in South Wales attended Glamorgan's AS-Level History Conference on 2nd April. The conference was designed to support school pupils in their exam preparation while offering them a taste of university life.

The event opened with a presentation on the AS History exam from Caryl James, WJEC Principal Examiner in History. Glamorgan historians then delivered lectures on popular elements of the AS-Level curriculum. Norry Laporte discussed with pupils how they might construct an argument to explain the Nazi party's rise to power. Gareth Williams spoke about the development of liberalism and its place in Welsh culture in the early twentieth century, challenging students to consider why certain attributes came to be considered particularly Welsh.

Moving beyond the AS-Level curriculum, Brian Ireland explained to pupils and teachers how he has used film in teaching and studying history. Chris Evans spoke about the breadth of university history, and the opportunities for students taking a history degree to choose and investigate subjects for themselves.

Teachers and pupils reported that the day had been extremely enjoyable and had helped significantly with their exam work. We wish all of our visitors the best of luck in the exams.

Glamorgan's History Division organises a number of free schools events yearly. We expect to hold our next schools conference in summer 2009. To sign up for regular updates on our school events and resources, please e-mail Jane Finucane (jfinucan@glam.ac.uk)

March 18, 2009

History Division News
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» Schools Conference: AS History

AS History Conference, 2nd April 2009

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The History Division is offering teachers and students working on AS-Level History the opportunity to spend a day at our Trefforest campus on Thursday 2nd April.

Our AS History Conference will feature seminars from Glamorgan's historians on popular aspects of the curriculum, including twentieth-century Wales (Professor Gareth Williams), the rise of the Nazis (Dr Norry Laporte) and the Great Rebellion (Dr Jonathan Durrant). Dr Brian Ireland will discuss how historians can use film, and students will be introduced to historical research methods and options for studying history at university.

Attendance is free but places are limited and must be booked by schools in advance through our Schools and Colleges Liaison Department. For more information about the Conference and to request a copy of the timetable for the event please contact Sarah Watkins on 01443 483375 , e-mail Sarah Watkins.

February 9, 2009

History Division News
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» Seminar Invitation: Welsh Popular Music

Rebecca Edwards: ‘ “Escape from our history“: finding Welsh History in Welsh Popular Music’ - Wednesday 11th February 2009

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Rebecca Edwards will speak at the next seminar in the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Wales series.

Dr Edwards recently completed her PhD, entitled ‘To show from where we came; Cool Cymru, pop and identity in Wales in the 1990s’.

She has published in Contemporary Wales and is currently working for Cardiff University. She will be talking about looking for history in pop music from Wales, and why it matters.

The Seminar will take place in D31 at 2pm. All welcome. Croeso i bawb.

January 28, 2009

History Division News
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» Seminar Invitation: British trade with Asia

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Huw Bowen: Re-imagining, reconstructing and re-establishing British trade with Asia, 1760-1833 - 4th February 2009

The History Division's next research seminar will feature Professor Huw Bowen of Swansea University. He will report on the findings of his recent ESRC-funded research on British economic, social, and cultural interactions with Asia in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Huw Bowen is a leading expert on the East India Company and the author of many books, most recently The business of empire: the East India Company and imperial Britain, 1756–1833 (Cambridge, 2006).

The seminar will take place in D121b at 2pm. All are welcome.