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October 1, 2008
» Watching Joe Calzaghe is bad for your health

If like me you spent the wee small hours on Saturday night/Sunday morning watching the Joe Calzaghe v Bernard Hopkins bout from Las Vegas I’m sure you can also testify to the fact that Joe is officially ‘bad for your health’. I spent the entire match on the edge of my seat, heart in mouth, biting my nails. Waiting for the judges scorecards was even worse. However, seeing joe crowned the winner in a scrappy cagey affair more than made up for it.

Joe is now without doubt one of the greatest ever British boxers and almost certainly the greatest ever Welsh sportsperson. Well done Joe

April 22, 2008
» The research governance experience

Those involved in research undoubtedly acknowledge the need for appropriate research governance. However, the research governance approval process in health and social care research (particularly in studies that involve NHS patients) is becoming increasingly complex and bureaucratic. Multi-centre research, in particular, would appear to be most problematic, often because of a lack of consistency between different R&D departments. Some researchers claim that multi-centre medical studies now require an additional 150 days within the study protocol, simply to navigate the NHS research governance process (Elwyn et al 2005).

What has your experience of the research governance process been like? Good, bad or indifferent? What advice could you offer to others? Do you think the process, as it currently stands, has any potential implications for empirical research in health and social care? Do you have any recommendations to make? I’m very interested in hearing other people’s experiences and, perhaps, this blog could also be a useful information sharing resource.

Elwyn G, Seagrove A, Thorne K, Cheung WY (2005) Ethics and governance in a multicentre study: add 150 days to your study protocol. British Medical Journal, 330, 847.