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September 8, 2010

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» UK-US New Partnership Fund

Summary: PMI2 are pleased to invite joint proposals from UK and US higher education institutions to develop partnerships. Funds are intended to stimulate the growth of a new variety of UK-US strategic partnerships between HEIs or for the growing of UK-US cooperation involving HEIs in third countries.

The aims of the UK-US New Partnership Fund are to:
  • - Grow mutually beneficial partnerships between UK and US HEIs.
  • - Provide opportunities to deepen and broaden existing co-operation between UK and US HEIs.
  • - Introduce new HE institutions to UK-US partnerships including from a greater diversity of locations in both countries.
  • - Pilot new UK and US partnerships in third countries.
  • - Build the basis for future sustainable partnerships between the collaborating institutions.
  • - Strengthen the skills of higher education staff in both countries in developing and delivering partnerships.

There are two strands for which proposals are welcome:

Strand 1) Strategic partnerships

A strategic partnership is one that is broad-based and encompasses a range of collaborative activities. These might involve a combination of two or more of the following:

- Developing student, staff and researcher mobility: including for US study abroad students, UK student mobility, researcher, faculty and academic exchanges

- New research co-operation, particularly interdisciplinary

- Collaborative degrees and other approaches to learning and teaching, (including dual, joint and double degrees)

Strand 2) Multi-Country Partnerships

There is a need to stimulate the development of new partnerships between UK and US HEIs that involve another country (these partnerships could be for research cooperation, learning and teaching, student exchange and joint or dual degrees). Innovative proposals are invited that might involve any country as a member of the partnership.

Subject priorities

Priority will be given to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical science disciplines; however they also welcome proposals that introduce innovative, including inter-disciplinary, approaches.

Need a partner?

Some US institutions have identified themselves as looking for partner institutions in the UK through the British Council’s Register of Interest. Profiles of these US Higher Education Institutions are available to download: US partner list

Sum: UK-US New Partnership Fund is intended to be for pump-priming and is limited to a maximum of £20,000 per project.

Deadline: 1730 GMT on 31 October 2010.

Funder Link: PMI2 Opportunities

Any application for external funding requires the completion of an External Funding Application Submission (EFAS) form, to create a form please visit EFAS

EuRO recommends that anyone who is interested in accessing EU funding makes contact with the European Office in plenty of time prior to the submission deadline to fully benefit from our professional advice and support.

March 11, 2010

Funding Matters Weblog News
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» ERASMUS: Overseas teaching mobility funding available

Summary: Erasmus offers a great opportunity for academic to teach elsewhere in one of the 30 other participating countries in Europe (subject to existing bilateral agreement between host University and Glamorgan University). You can get to know first-hand the workings of another European educational system, learn new ideas and discover best practices to bring back to UK. Develop your international network and enhance your language skills too. Those who have taken part say it is a life-enhancing experience, helping to keep their outlook fresh and positive by providing new ideas, and of course European perspective.

The recommended minimum duration for teaching assignments is five days and they may not exceed a maximum of six weeks. Funding is available to teach in all areas and you can also get involved in activities such as student support, meetings and research. Funding covers travel and subsidence for teaching visit.

The cut off date for the completion of any teaching is 31st July 2010.

Deadline: If you are interested, please contact European & External Resource Office by Tue, 16th March 2010.

Funder Link: For more information please visit Glamorgan University website or British Council website.