Summary: The AXA research fund has just announced that its Call for Projects campaign is now open! The submitted project must fit into one of these three themes: Environmental risks, Life risks, and SocioEconomic risks. Additionally, the project must take a very innovative or original approach to the field. It is especially important that the innovative nature of the project be highlighted in the application. The projects that will be selected must be both of the highest academic quality and also of such innovation that they could be considered ‘frontier science.’ Therefore, applications submitted to this call should be so innovative that they might have more difficulty receiving funding elsewhere. Although these projects must fit into one of the three themes: Environmental risks, Life risks, and SocioEconomic risks the AXA research fund will welcome applications from any discipline, including but not limited to: Earth Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, Economics, Sociology, Political Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, etc… Projects that are oriented towards a clinical only approach will however be considered out of scope.

Deadline: Candidates will have until 23rd May 2011 to complete their application and submit a project proposal which can be located on the AXA research fund website.

Funder link: AXA Research Fund

Scheme link: Call for Projects Campaign

Contact: Should you require any guidance or additional information please contact the Research Office on ext:2991.

Any application for external funding requires the completion of an External Funding Application Submission (EFAS) form, to create a form please visit EFAS