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August 14, 2009
» Blackboard Goes Web 2.0!

The module-based Campus Pack tools are now live and ready for use on all Blackboard modules and organisations. This exciting initiative will enable staff and students to add, develop and manage their own content within the VLE, a first for our students.

, is a blogging tool that allows the creation of group or private online journals;

, enables collaborative activity through the use of a Wiki – a quick way to add, edit and develop web page content within modules;

, a tool which will embed the podcast, the RSS feed and the player in a Blackboard Module, making it very easy to upload and access audio and video material.

The CELT Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team will be taking the lead in providing academic advice and guidance in the following ways:

CELT TEL staff are available for awareness raising of the initiative at faculty departmental/ divisional meetings, and for 1:1 and small group training sessions assisting staff to set up and use the tools within their Bb modules (in the first instance contact Steve Woodward (swoodwar@glam.ac.uk)/ ext 4230) to arrange sessions for your staff.

• How-to guidance for each of the three tools will made available on the CELT website from the end of April (on the front page and under Staff Support Resources with the other Blackboard How-to guides)

• Publicity material will be released through outlets such as Inform, the CELT website, the Learning Zone blog, etc.

There are also some very useful video tutorials for the tools provided by the Learning Objects company.

The LCSS Customer Support team is available to provide technical support and advice (ext 2882 email: issupport@glam.ac.uk)

» Latest on the Campus Pack Social Software in Blackboard initiative – Aug 2009

Since the launch of the module (and organisation)-based Campus Pack tools at Easter, CELT Technology Enhanced Learning team has been greatly encouraged by increasing demand for information and small group training sessions in the pedagogic uses of the applications. This exciting initiative enables staff and students to add, develop and manage their own content within the VLE, a first for our students.

The CELT team offers separate training sessions on podcasting and blogs/ wikis. These sessions not only cover the ‘how-to’ aspects of creating blogs, wikis and podcasts in Blackboard modules and organisations, but also seek to engage staff in actively considering the effective pedagogic deployment of such tools as a means of enhancing practice in learning, teaching and assessment.

Since mid-June when the first session was run, a total of 35 academic staff members from a range of faculties have received training in the Campus Pack tools with more sessions already in place for September onwards.

A related issue is the imminent launch of the Campus Pack Expo LX e-Portfolio which will give all students and staff access to a personal webspace outside of the module system. One of the prime functions of the e-portfolio will be the enhancement of student engagement in Personal Development Planning (PDP), but more on this in my next entry.

Please contact Steve Woodward at CELT to arrange a Campus Pack training session.