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October 21, 2010

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» The Police DNA Database – Science Cafe Swansea

An indispensible means to fighting crime? A threat to civil liberties?

Advances in DNA technology have revolutionised the way the police can protect the public. The creation of a Police DNA Database has helped them to identify offenders and secure convictions such as in the case of Sarah Payne. Crimes which had been previously unsolved for several years have now been solved.

At present, a DNA sample is taken at a person’s arrest. However, the Home Office has recently announced that even if a person is not found guilty, their information will be held on the Database for a number of years. Some people believe that information from innocents should not be held on the Database.  Others call for the DNA Database to include everyone living or visiting the UK. What do you think?

Have your say at the Science Cafe Swansea.

When?: Wednesday 24 November 2010, 7.30pm Where? The Dylan Thomas Centre, Somerset Place, Swansea

Speaker: Prof Steve Bain, Swansea University

This event is FREE. For more information contact Claudine Anderson
Public Engagement Officer at The Wales Gene Park  Tel:  02920 475475

April 8, 2009

Genomics News
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» The Real Gene-eration Game!

In the second of two forthcoming events from Wales Gene Park ‘The Real Gene-eration Game will examine what our genes can tell us about our roots.

Speakers: Bruce Winney, ‘People of the British Isles’, University of Oxford and Turi King, ‘What’s In a Name?’, University of Leicester

Could you be a descendent of the Celts? If you are interested in what your genes can tell about your family roots, come to our talk where experts will discuss where descendents of settlers (Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Romans, Normans) can be found and whether men with the same surname descend from the same person.

When and Where? Thursday 30 April, 6pm at Cardiff University, The Council Chamber in the Main Building, Park Place (Cathays Park campus), Cardiff CF10 3AT This event is FREE, but you need to book a place. Contact Claudine on 029 2047 5475 or andersoncn@cf.ac.uk

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