Funding Source: British Council

Overview: PMI2 Connect has successfully funded 235 Higher Education international partnerships in research co-operation, collaborative programme delivery, international mobility of UK students, partnership development grants and China-UK collaborative partnerships in entrepreneurship and employability.


1. UK-US New Partnership Fund:

PMI2 invites joint proposals from UK and US higher education institutions to develop partnerships. Funds are intended to stimulate the growth of a new variety of UK-US strategic partnerships between HEIs or for the growing of UK-US cooperation involving HEIs in third countries. Up to 20 projects up to a maximum value of £20,000 per project in 2010 to 2011 will be funded by PMI2. UK institutions can register their interest for a US partner by filling out the UK Register of Interest.

Deadline: 1730 GMT on 31 October 2010.

2. US Travel Grants:

A grant of up to £1,500 is available to support the development of strategic partnership discussions between UK institutions and potential US partner institutions. Priority will be given to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical sciences, however the UK-US New Partnership’s Fund Committee will also welcome proposals which introduce innovative – including inter-disciplinary – approaches.

Deadline: 1730 GMT on 30 April 2010.

3. UK-US Partnership: Realising the Potential:

A one day conference will be held in London at the Royal Society of the Arts on 13 May 2010. The aim of the conference is to:

a) launch the PMI2 Connect report ‘UK-US Higher Education Partnerships: Realising the Potential’

b) provide details of the PMI2 Connect UK-US New Partnership Fund and application process

c) include presentations from leading UK and US academics

d) offer workshops to consider key activity areas for partnerships

Funder Link: For further information, please refer to British Council website

If you are interested in applying please contact the Research Office for an External Funding Application Submission (EFAS) form or call ext. 3713.

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