The European Commission’s FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Committee is close to finalising the ICT Work Programme for 2009-10. A recent draft is available from the European Office. Please note that this document is unofficial and for internal use only. It must therefore not be circulated externally. If you request this document from the European Office, please treat this document with caution as the contents may still change.

Seven main challenges are identified:

1. Pervasive and trustworthy network and service infrastructures;

2. Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics;

3. Components, systems, engineering;

4. Digital libraries and content;

5. Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare;

6. ICT for mobility, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency; and

7. ICT for independent living, inclusion and governance.

The budget will be allocated through three types of funding schemes:

Collaborative projects. Two types of projects are to be financed under this scheme – ‘small or medium-scale focused research actions’ (STREP) or ‘large-scale integrated projects’ (IP)

Networks of Excellence (NoE)

Co-ordination and support actions (CSA) It is expected that around 90% of the total budget available will be allocated to Collaborative projects, with the aim that about half of this support is delivered through IPs and half through STREPS. The estimated total budget allocation for 2009 is €983 millions. The budget for 2010 will be confirmed at the appropriate time.

The official Work Programme should be published and launched in November 2008.

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