If you’ve been looking for an easy way to manage your ‘to do’ list online, it’s arrived! Google have added an integrated task list into Google calendars, and you can link straight to it via Glamlife. In ‘Your Week’ (near the top of your Glamlife home page), you can click on the ‘Your calendar’ link to take you to your own Google calendar, then selecting ‘Tasks’ in the top left corner will bring up the ‘Tasks’ pane on the right-hand side of the calendar (see image). You can then begin to add tasks to your list.

It’s very easy to use – just start typing! The controls for the task list are at the bottom of the pane – watch out for them, they’re easy to miss at first glance! The little arrows that appear to the right of each task when you hover over them allow you to set deadline dates for each task, and tasks that have due dates will automatically appear in your calendar. You can sort your tasks by due date, and you can also have several separate task lists on the go at any time. You can also print your task list in a handy format to carry with you.

For a bit more info, visit the Official Gmail Blog.

Now you never need to have the last minute panic as you realise you’ve forgotten that looming essay deadline … and you can even add the celebration afterwards to your list of things to do!

In other news … the Glamlife effect has struck again! Back in March we talked about the effect of online voting via Glamlife for the Students’ Union election, and how it had caused the total number of votes to double from the previous year. Now the Students’ Union has reported that sales for NUS Extra cards are up from 106 during the first month of sales last year to 224 over the same period this year! The cards have been highlighted to students via the Glamlife Directory page about enrolment and induction. To get your NUS card, visit the NUS membership page on the Students’ Union website.