A campus.... but which one? Eagle eyed students amongst our readers might have noticed another change on Glamlife. You are now able to let Glamlife know which campus(es) you are based on. To do so, visit the “Your Profile” tab and then click on Edit your Glamlife preferences (this link only works if you’re logged in to Glamlife)

Great stuff, but what does it do? The honest answer is: nothing… yet. Pretty soon, however, it’s going to have a massive influence on the information you receive through Glamlife. There are big changes afoot in the way news, announcements and events are delivered to your front page of Glamlife. To reduce the information overload, we’ll start personalising the things you see. If you are a Cardiff based student, that means a PC lab closure in Treforest will no longer clutter up your news feed, for example.

In order for this to work, we need your help. While the student database can make an educated guess about which information you are interested in, it cannot be 100% accurate. For example, you may be studying on one campus, but living nearer to the other. So you might actually want to know when there is a careers fair offered at either campus, because both campuses are conveniently accessible for you. Or maybe you work for a student newspaper, and you want to know everything that’s going on around all campuses. The database would not know that, so we’re enabling you to make these choices yourself. Self-profiling allows you to decide which information you want, and, more importantly, which information you don’t need.

Picking your campus(es) is just the first stage of this process of self-profiling. Other options are being added in the near future. If you want to get the most out of Glamlife, it’s worthwhile starting to self-profile now. It will take a few weeks before you start seeing the effect of your choices – but the more specific the information you share with us, the more relevant we can make the information we present to you.