I was in Liverpool last week at the Royal College of Nursing’s International Research Conference. This year’s city of culture appeared to be more of a draw for delegates than my presentation on practice nurses views (or lack of them) on genetics. Thanks to the one person I didn’t know who came along! It’s a pity really as I thought my lack of data was an important point to make. In research we all talk about ‘hard to reach’ groups and I don’t think we’d consider nurses one of them (especially considering there are almost 700K currently registered), but in this piece of work we’ve just done none of the readers of a journal for practice nurses gave us their opinion. Maybe an online questionnaire was the wrong choice by me, but maybe it illustrates how far we still have to go in getting them to appreciate how relevant genetics is in the work they are already doing. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one to find their slot (mine was at 5.15!) thin on the ground so I don’t think it’s just the topic..However, it’s times like this one that reminds me of the fact that sales of vegetarian food have gone up recently now it’s been re-branded as ‘meat free’!!! Is there an alternative word for genetics that won’t send help professionals running for the door??