This blog is for all things PONT.

PONT stands for Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust, a registered charity. It was set up to link the town of Pontypridd with a town in Uganda called Mbale by linking people and organizations in Pontypridd with their counterparts in Mbale.

To find out more ~ origins, people, projects and plans ~ visit PONT

Community twinning is hardly a new idea but PONT’s emphasis is on targeting the Millennium Development Goals. So far PONT has earned two Goldstar Community Awards for its efforts and has been a beneficiary of the forward-looking Wales for Africa policy developed by the Welsh Assembly Government (W4Africa).

For staff and students at Glamorgan here is an open invitation to get involved in a fast growing community that aims to make a difference.

And Mulembe? That’s our greeting. Feel free to reply.

Namatala is a slum in Mbale. It is home to these children.