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May 5, 2009
» Mulembe Vincent and Robert!

The PONT team @Glam is delighted to welcome Munyosi Vincent and Mafabi Robert who will speaking about the work of the Coalition Against Poverty in Uganda (details follow). There will be opportunity to ask questions. What’s your burning question? ...feel free to post it.

Where: G308, G Block, Trefforest Campus

When: Tuesday 10th March @ 5pm




Vincent and Grace

» DfID Consultation

Today the DfID consultation event ~ Eliminating World Poverty ~ rolls into Cardiff (Wednesday 15th April, at the Mercure Hotel on Newport Road, starting at 6 p.m.)

This is our opportunity to offer views on how the UK can further refine its existing anti-poverty agenda, for example in supporting basic services such as health and education.

Of course if you can’t make the meeting you can still get your voice heard by visiting their website.

March 23, 2009
» Africa Hurting

Vincent Munyosi and Robert Mafabi at the recent PONTGlam Meeting

The Credit Crunch is starting to hurt ~ and it’s not just in the West.

The global crisis that started in the West is having a serious impact in sub-Saharan Africa. We don’t get to hear much about here. Already the IMF are reporting that Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are experiencing real shocks in trade and finance.

The East African reported that the global economic crisis has hit Tanzania with a bang, with two huge projects worth nearly $4 billion melting away.

According to International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn “there is a real risk for many countries that the hard-won gains of the last decade will be lost.”

The World Bank is also talking catastrophe, suggesting that as many as 2.8 million children would die of hunger and disease between now and 2015 if the crisis continues.

The Millenium Development Goals ~ themselvs a modest attempt to redress global poverty ~ start to look fanciful.

It’s difficult to relate to such headlines. It’s a question of scale. Take “our own” unemployment headline ~ fastest rate of increase on record. I was finding it difficult to relate but a neighbour told me that he’s been given a payment in lieu of notice: married, 3 boys, mortgage.

That’s one of the ways where the link between PONT and Mbale helps. Vincent and Robert talked about people they know and situations they are in. We understand better on a human scale. It moves us to action… whereas headlines can make for stupefaction.