The first intake on the 20 credit level 7 (Master’s level) module “Health, genetics and decision-making” have recently completed the taught component. The module is run on a one day a month basis, with all lectures, debates and other activities taking place within that day between 9am and 4pm. We were lucky enough to secure the services of some excellent external speakers, which is a pattern we’re planning to follow again with the next intake this Autumn. The student evaluation forms were very positive, the biggest complaint about the course was that it didn’t last long enough! While this module forms part of the MSc Professional Practice offered within the Faculty of Health, Sport and Science we would welcome applicants who wish to take this as a standalone module for professional development purposes.

Given the current review of the Genetics White Paper and the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology sub-committee review of genomic medicine, the role of genetics in health care is a current government priority, and looks likely to continue in that vein. In light of this, a course which looks at health, genetics and decision-making would be useful to most health professionals.

As module manager, I’d like to thank the external speakers who gave up their time to give presentations, and the students who contributed to making the module a success, and wish them all good luck in their forthcoming exam.