Now that’s an unusual question. But have you really ever thought of becoming a lion ? Not the animal type but the human type. The Lions are an international organisation that helps others, and you could be part of them.

Lions are individuals who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world.
The 1.3 million members that serve in over 45,000 clubs from over 200 countries make Lions clubs International the worlds largest service club organization.
Lions are best known for preventing blindness, but also participate in different kinds of projects ranging from assisting the underprivileged to providing supplies to victims of natural disasters.

The Lions have always welcomed student involvement in their work. They are currently organising student groups in this area. They offer great opportunities for student volunteering
So if you are interested and would like an initial no obligation chat contact Laurence Pearce on 01656 784528
Look at the Lions site to find out more