One of the recently added functionalities of students’ user profiles on Glamlife is the integration of “Your Library Account”.

Students can go to to access this. The library information is displayed underneath their course information. The screenshot below illustrates its placement on the page:

Screenshot of your Profile and Preferences, with Your Library Account highlighted

This provides a convenient method for students to find out about loans, reservations, inter-library loans, library fees and more.

The Profile and Preferences area of Glamlife has been growing steadily of late, and students can find a lot of useful functionalities there. From maintaining personal details online, to fine tuning their subscriptions to Glamlife channels, interactivity and personalisation are key to the development of Glamlife. This continues the successful progress of the Make IT Personal Project.

Screenshot of the area where you can manage your Glamlife subscriptions

There is also a brand new help feature, to assist students if they are unsure about a functionality. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please email, and we will be happy to respond.