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October 10, 2011
» How digitally literate are our students?

We generally expect our learners to come fully equipped with the latest technology and gadgets. Aren’t they always texting, on Facebook or uploading their latest video creation onto YouTube? Well, perhaps they are. Earlier posts in this blog on digital … Continue reading

August 10, 2011
» Digital Leisure and Digital Literacy

We often assume that 18-21 year-old students are digital whiz-kids, brilliant at anything to do with computers, but often their expertise is associated with ‘digital leisure’ – for example social networking and games – rather than with their studies. But as outlined … Continue reading

July 15, 2011
» Learners’ Perceptions of Technology for Learning

In recent years there has been  a welcome increase in the attention given to learners’ experiences of e-learning, with several published studies on the subject, for example from JISC. This body of literature was added to by the University of Glamorgan’s … Continue reading

January 6, 2009
» Develop me!

In the last ELESIG meeting, I learn an interesting project from the University of Bradford to enhance students' experiences - Develop me! Using social software such as Ning before and during the times in the university, the students would feel more confident about being at University, meet and chat with other students at the university and to access to a complete learner support services. One of the services is the Personal Development Plan - SaPRA.

"It's good to know that the institution or lecturer cares about you"

Do we care about our students and do we understand their experiences? There is a list of recent Learner Experience Projects across the country and the learners' videos and audios - talking about their experiences of using technology. Students plead us to develop them! Have we made our full effort to do so?

QMP, Turnitin and social software can help and CELT is here to help!