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July 25, 2012
» New on your Glamlife home page: Today’s Menus

Keen-eyed students may have spotted a new addition to the bottom of the Glamlife home page today: links to the menus of several catering outlests.

Menus have been on Glamlife for a while now, but, admittedly, not always very easy to get to. We tried making them more prominent by including a link in the “Directory Insights” for most of last year, but now they get their own little piece of the home page. Even better, you can now see when they were last updated – so you’ll never need to doubt whether the menu on the web matches the menu in the outlet. (Hats off to Campus Services staff: the menus have been up to date on the vast majority of week days. However, on the rare occasion when something prevents the menus from being updated in time, you’ll now be able to spot this and avoid any disappointment.)

September 13, 2011
» Changes to the Glamlearn links – and new Glamlife channels!

If you’re a returning student, you may have noticed that the links under “Glamlearn” on the Glamlife homepage have changed. Two new Glamlife channels have been created – and replaced the existing links to OPAC, Findit and LCSS:


The library channel has prominent links to all its e-Services, including the catalogue, Findit, Connect 2 online bookings service and more. More importantly, a lot of the useful information about opening hours, readings lists, and library news is now on that channel.

IT, Media and Technical Services

This is the new channel containing resources and information about the IT, media and technical services which support your learning at the University of Glamorgan. It will keep you up to date with any planned IT maintenance (so you know when Blackboard will be down for a few hours, and can plan your studies around this), new developments, and useful information about IT and media technology issues.

Glamlife homepage

On the Glamlife homepage, the links to OPAC, Findit and Learning and Corportate Support Services have been replaced with links to these new channels. This should have several benefits:

  • New students will now find it easier to use: “OPAC” and “Findit” are not obvious words. “Library”, however, does exactly what it says on the tin. Similarly, “IT, Media and Technical Services” should hopefully give any student a good idea what it’s about.
  • New library e-Services can now receive equal prominence as old ones. For example, the Connect2 online bookings and the Exam Paper repository are now as easy to find as OPAC and Findit.
  • The number of links on the Glamlife homepage has reduced by one. We’ve been carefully managing the number of links on the homepage – but even so, we know it can sometimes seem a little crowded.

Finally, remember that, if you want to stay up-to-date with news from the Library and IT and Media teams, you can subscribe to their channels by personalising Glamlife.