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July 12, 2013
» Glamlife’s web address has changed

You may have noticed that Glamlife’s URL (web address) has changed today.

The new URL is http://unilife.southwales.ac.uk

Any links to Glamlife pages should continue to work and redirect you to the equivalent new web address.

This is in preparation for the student portal to be renamed UniLife. The look and feel of Glamlife will be changing in a few weeks’ time.

November 27, 2012

Chaplaincy Blog
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» Interfaith week – Volunteering

A celebration of ‘Volunteering Together’ took place at the Meeting House last week as part of Interfaith Week. People of all faiths and none give their time and energy to helping others in the community, and this is often a … Continue reading

July 25, 2012
» New on your Glamlife home page: Today’s Menus

Keen-eyed students may have spotted a new addition to the bottom of the Glamlife home page today: links to the menus of several catering outlests.

Menus have been on Glamlife for a while now, but, admittedly, not always very easy to get to. We tried making them more prominent by including a link in the “Directory Insights” for most of last year, but now they get their own little piece of the home page. Even better, you can now see when they were last updated – so you’ll never need to doubt whether the menu on the web matches the menu in the outlet. (Hats off to Campus Services staff: the menus have been up to date on the vast majority of week days. However, on the rare occasion when something prevents the menus from being updated in time, you’ll now be able to spot this and avoid any disappointment.)

November 17, 2010
» New on Glamlife: students can see if they have outstanding debts

A new tool on Glamlife has been developed, which allows most students to see if they have oustanding debts to the University.

The tool activates a page in their account when they are being invoiced by the Revenue Unit.

For the majority of students, however, the new functionality enables them to see outstanding debts, if they have any. They can then choose to make payments online. Students who have not been invoiced will not be able to see any finance information on Glamlife.

For more information, have a look at the news story on Glamlife.

October 19, 2010

Chaplaincy Blog
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» Follow the Chaplaincy!

If you are a student at the University of Glamorgan and wish to be kept up to date with any notices or coming activities, you are recommended to sign up to the Chaplaincy Channel on Glamlife. It’s very easy – here’s what to do:

Log in to Glamlife
Go to ‘Your Account’
Click on ‘News subscriptions’ on the left-hand side
Scroll down to ‘Available channels’ and select ‘Chaplaincy’
Click ‘Update channels’

Signing up will ensure that you receive all the information from the Chaplaincy that is important to you.

If you don’t, you’ll miss out on coming events like the International Party, next Monday (Oct 25th) 7-9 pm in the Students’ Union! (A fun evening with good food and some great prizes. It’s free, but spaces are limited, so you will need to book by contacting us.)

September 21, 2010
» Changes to Your Account on Glamlife

As Glamlife continues to grow more personal – and as more online tools and functionalities are developed and integrated – the part of the site that’s all about your personal details is changing. To reflect this, it has been renamed from Your Preferences to Your Account

Now, when you go to Your Account, you will find the following new developments:

  • Your account information is split across several pages, rather than all on one page.
  • Under Academic Details you can see the course you are enrolled on. There are two new features on this page: You can now also see all the modules you are enrolled on – make sure these are correct. Secondly, if you are eligible, you can request a Council Tax Exemption Certificate online now – and print it out yourself, at your convenience.
  • There is navigation on the left hand side allowing you to move from one part of your account to another.

Have a look at Your Account to see the changes!

May 10, 2010
» New postgraduate features on Glamlife!

For our postgraduate students we have some new features that you may have already seen!

The additional features for our postgraduate students include:

- an extra quicklink on your personalised Glamlife homepage to your faculty research channel

- the ability to find other students in the Students list on Glamlife – postgrads are now listed as either postgraduate taught (PGT) or postgraduate research (PGR)

- postgraduates now receive news and announcement feeds to your homepage from the postgraduate channel.

Undergraduate students can also subscribe to the postgraduate channel, and everyone can subscribe to all other optional channels available on Glamlife by clicking on ‘Your profile’ at the top of your homepage, then selecting ‘Edit your profile and preferences’ and browsing through the list of available channels on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

This new development will enable content to be personalised for our students as we go forward so that what you see on Glamlife becomes increasingly relevant to you.

We would love to hear your feedback, so please either leave a comment on this blog or email glamlife@glam.ac.uk and let us know your views!

February 24, 2010
» Long time, no see

It’s been a while since we last gave you an update on what the Glamlife Team have been up to (we’ve carried on being Busy, busy, busy!), so here’s a flavour of the latest Glamlife developments…

We know from our Glamlife poll at the beginning of this month that 55% of those of you who took part aren’t aware that the ‘Your Documents’ tab at the top of your Glamlife homepage leads you to Google Docs. As a result of this, we’ve created a page in the Glamlife Directory designed to give you an overview of what Google Docs can offer, along with some helpful tips. We’re also aware that our students have had some problems using Google Docs because previously every file needed to be converted into a Google Doc file in order to be saved. Google have made some changes so now you can upload, store and organise any type of file in Google Docs – far more handy! Read more about this in the Official Google Docs Blog.

The Glamlife Team have been busy beavering away this term to bring you feature articles on St Dwynwen’s Day, St Valentine’s Day and St David’s Day – don’t forget to check out the St David’s Day events happening on Treforest campus and locally in Rhondda Cynon Taf and Cardiff. Have you also read our recent article about making sure you’re fraud savvy?

We’ve also been busy adding new pages to the Glamlife Directory:

  • presentations, which includes information about all the help you can get around the University
  • Listening to You, which is the University’s place to tell you all about what we are doing with the feedback you as students give us
  • attendance, which is a great reminder of how important it is to attend all your lectures
  • self-directed study, which includes some helpful links to assist you settle down to your studies.

If there’s anything you’d like us to write a feature on, or a topic you’d like us to cover for the Glamlife Directory, don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing glamlife@glam.ac.uk. We’re also always looking for feature articles written by students, just like this one on the Art of Rejection, so if you fancy trying your hand at some creative writing or investigative journalism, get in touch! You can even get some experience for your CV by doing a feature writing Work Taster with the Glamlife Team.

And finally, did you take part in our recent Valentine’s competition? We asked you to tell us how much you love Glamlife, and the Glamlife Team were inundated with over 80 entries – some of which made us laugh, most of which made us smile, and only the odd one that made us somewhat nervous ;) Look out for some of the more passionate entries popping up on Glamlife in the near future (hope you all read the competition rules – we did warn you!).

November 6, 2009
» Busy busy busy …

Well it’s been a busy term so far for Glamlife, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down! Read on to find out what’s been happening and what’s in the pipeline …

You can now take a peek at today’s menus to whet your appetite before you visit Stilts Food Court or Crawshay’s (on the Treforest campus) or Zone (on the Glyntaff campus). You can get to the daily menus via Glamlife’s campus facilities page – here you can learn more about the facilities on all three campuses, including the rest of the catering outlets (which have standard rather than daily menus).

Students can now subscribe to RSS feeds for various areas of Glamlife, including the Marketplace and the Glamlife Directory. For information about RSS feeds and how you can subscribe to them, read our RSS feed feature article.

Marketplace has launched successfully, growing steadily in popularity since the first week of term when 20% of students who voted on our Glamlife poll had already used or were planning to use the Marketplace to sell or buy items and post notices. At the moment, you can reach the Marketplace by clicking on the tab at the top of Glamlife, but we can now reveal that the Glamlife home page will shortly be revamped to include more functionality that we think students will find beneficial … this includes a Marketplace feed so you’ll be able to see the latest Marketplace posts without even having to leave the home page!

We’ve been pleased to hear on the grapevine that more and more of you are using Google Docs. There are some helpful links under the ‘Using Google Docs’ heading in the Glamlife walk-through guide, and the Official Google Blog also has some great tips for students and information on new back to school features.

The Glamlife Effect has continued to gather pace, with many of the 900 students who attended the recent Part-Time Jobs Fair, hosted by the Careers Service and the Students’ Union, reporting that they found out about the Fair from the promo on the home page of Glamlife. It’s great to know so many of you are finding out what’s happening around the University via Glamlife – keep an eye out for more events in the coming weeks!

And last but not least, Christmas will be coming early to Glamlife as we will be holding another competition with a brand-new laptop as the prize! So look out for details, and don’t forget to tell your friends …

July 6, 2009
» Now on Glamlife: Students can check their Library Account

One of the recently added functionalities of students’ user profiles on Glamlife is the integration of “Your Library Account”.

Students can go to glamlife.glam.ac.uk/preferences to access this. The library information is displayed underneath their course information. The screenshot below illustrates its placement on the page:

Screenshot of your Profile and Preferences, with Your Library Account highlighted

This provides a convenient method for students to find out about loans, reservations, inter-library loans, library fees and more.

The Profile and Preferences area of Glamlife has been growing steadily of late, and students can find a lot of useful functionalities there. From maintaining personal details online, to fine tuning their subscriptions to Glamlife channels, interactivity and personalisation are key to the development of Glamlife. This continues the successful progress of the Make IT Personal Project.

Screenshot of the area where you can manage your Glamlife subscriptions

There is also a brand new help feature, to assist students if they are unsure about a functionality. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please email glamlife@glam.ac.uk, and we will be happy to respond.