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April 23, 2009

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» Ambient Assisted Living event - FORUM ’09 Vienna

Ambient Assisted Living – FORUM ’09 Vienna (Event)

Start Date 2009-09-29

Enddate 2009-10-01

Venue Hofsburg, Vienna


The first Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) forum will be held in Vienna from 29 September 2009 – 1 October 2009. It will be the first of a series of annual events held in the different Member States of the AAL programme.


The AAL FORUM aims to become established as the central meeting place for research on ambient assisted living. Sessions at the first event in Autumn 2009 will include the following topics:

- Economic aspects: The economic realization of AAL needs a strong market. Its framework, the needs and requests of investors and business models will be presented and analysed;

- Highlights of AAL activities in regions, member states and Europe: the strong background of national, regional and European activities will be presented and discussed;

- Scientific aspects of the AAL Joint Programme: will focus on user and interdisciplinary aspects and aspects of the Joint Programme including economy, technology, etc;

- Joint Programme itself: its elements and content, further development and the promotion of ‘matchmaking’; and

- Plenary: Important issues of general relevance to the AAL field.

There will also be an exhibition presenting institutions, companies, projects, activities and actors in AAL, along with tutorials on industrial and best practice themes which will present the state of the art in the field.

Further Information

The draft programme for the event is available here

To register, go here

Further information on the AAL Joint Programme is available here

For University of Glamorgan members of staff seeking information on European funding opportunities, please contact the European Office

April 8, 2009

Genomics News
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» The Real Gene-eration Game!

In the second of two forthcoming events from Wales Gene Park ‘The Real Gene-eration Game will examine what our genes can tell us about our roots.

Speakers: Bruce Winney, ‘People of the British Isles’, University of Oxford and Turi King, ‘What’s In a Name?’, University of Leicester

Could you be a descendent of the Celts? If you are interested in what your genes can tell about your family roots, come to our talk where experts will discuss where descendents of settlers (Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Romans, Normans) can be found and whether men with the same surname descend from the same person.

When and Where? Thursday 30 April, 6pm at Cardiff University, The Council Chamber in the Main Building, Park Place (Cathays Park campus), Cardiff CF10 3AT This event is FREE, but you need to book a place. Contact Claudine on 029 2047 5475 or andersoncn@cf.ac.uk

Event Flyer

August 18, 2008

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» Deafness and Genetics: What do deaf people want?

Wales Gene Park have another event planned that will be looking at genetics from the perspectives of the D/deaf community and those who are heard of hearing (For info on the previous event please see blog ‘Deaf Kids: Who Decides?’). At the workshop on Sept 18th results from a national research project ‘Deaf individuals’ understanding and perception of genetics and their needs from a genetic counselling service.’ will be disseminated and discussion around how to develop genetic counselling services for deaf people and their families will take place. Those attending will be invited to vote (electronically) on a number of questions. BSL interpretation will be available.

The workshop will be specifically targeted towards: 1) members of the public (deaf, hard of hearing, culturally Deaf adults) 2) representatives from various organisations/charities for d/Deaf and hard of hearing people, 3) representatives from the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People and other organisations involved with interpreting 4) health professionals (genetic counsellors, geneticists, paediatric audiologists, ENT surgeons, audiological scientists, community paediatricians – i.e. people who refer to genetic counselling and see families with deafness) 5) genetic service purchasers and heads of clinical genetics departments 6) deaf studies academics (social scientists, deaf studies researchers, health psychologists working in the field of deafness)

Information is available below: Workshop flyer Provisional programme Workshop overview

To reserve a free place please contact Angela at burgessam@cf.ac.uk or 029 2068 2140 (voice or via TypeTalk)

July 8, 2008

Genomics News
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» Cancer Genetics open day

Thanks to our very own Rachel Iredale and her colleagues at the All Wales Medical Genetics Service for the opportunity to attend the Cancer Genetics Open Day on Saturday. The event coincided with the 60th Birthday of the NHS and everyone who has had contact with the cancer genetics service in Wales received an invite. Despite the rain (and boy did it throw it down at times) the day was a great success with I’m told, more than 180 attending. In addition to presentations there were a number of stands providing information about the work of AWMGS and others organisations including Tenovus, Macmillan, Maggie’s Centres, Wales Gene Park and of course our very own Telling Stories. Certainly the response we had to our work continues to be very positive with those attending adamant that doctors and nurses working outside the specialty also need to know about genetics. Without comprehension of the basic principles, individuals will not get referred and other, at risk family members may not be identified. There is a second event in North Wales on 15 November. Information is available here

June 13, 2008

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» Family historians never die ….

They just lose their census!

That was the closing comment from Ann on Tuesday evening as she talked about her own experiences of tracing her family. As Kev mentioned in his earlier blog, the talk at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre was well received. More that 60 came along to the event; many came armed with paper and pen eager to take away some ‘top tips’ and some stayed for more than an hour afterwards to share their own experiences and to exchange ideas.

Below are some images of the evening. They include Kev during his rendition of I am my own grandpa (the hyperlink is one of many on the web. Unfortunately none of them are of Kev singing!!) and pictures of what Family History means to Ann. The list of names is taken from an amazing little book written in the 1890’s that started Ann on her journey.

Ann and Kev

Some of Ann’s family

The start of the journey

What family history means to me..

Ann at Gartholwg

June 2, 2008

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» Family History...it's not all genetics

Our very own Ann Yeomans (Faculty Research Coordinator) is talking next week about her journey to trace her family history. Ann has been delving deep into the archives for a number of years and has many interesting stories to tell. The event has been organised by Wales Gene Park and is taking place at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre, Church Village next Tuesday (June 10) @ 7pm. The event is free but you do need to reserve a place – see flyer for details.


May 12, 2008

Genomics News
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» Deanery day provides food for thought....

(...and very nice pastries during coffee!) Along with a number of colleagues form the NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre, Maggie and I attended a conference last week hosted by the West Midland’s Deanery (responsible for the management and delivery of postgraduate medical education, CPD of all doctors and dentists, and also responsible for trainers, educational supervisors and educational leaders, their training needs and educational development).

‘Education, Professionalism and Outcomes’ was a great day with a broad variety of topics covered. Presentations from the CIPeL CETL Coventry (to you and me that’s Centre for Inter-Professional e-Learning which is a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) provided more food for thought around the delivery of good e-based education. We held a workshop in the afternoon looking at the use of stories in health professional education and were delighted that so many participants identified story based projects that they now want to carry out and integrate into their teaching. This was followed by another workshop facilitated by Annette Roebuck and colleagues that challenged us as participants to think about the way in which we communicate. We tried to get inside the head of an advertiser(!) to describe what we could see in an advert and were then graded by a service user on how well (or not) we had done.

May 1, 2008

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» Cancer genetics event to be held in Cardiff

Wales Gene Park is hosting the Cancer Genetics Group’s Annual Spring Meeting at Cardiff Museum later this month. For more information see flyer and registration from below or contact Angela Burgess (Education Officer at the Gene Park) Tel: 029 2068 2140 email:BurgessAM@cardiff.ac.uk


Registration Form

April 10, 2008

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» UK National Information Day on the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (Event)

Funding Source: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)


The UK National Information Day on the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme will take place in London on Wednesday 23rd April. The event will include presentations from William Gillett from the European Commission and from the Energie Helpline team who are the UK National Contact Points (NCPs) for the IEE Programme.

The 2008 Call Proposals was launched on 12th March 2008, the call budget is €45 million and the deadline is Thursday 26th June 2008.

It is anticipated that the 2008 Call for Proposals will be extremely competitive, with the Commission looking for a step change in the quality of proposals and ambition of projects. Given the increase in Commission funding to 75%, there is the likelihood that only about 60 projects will be funded from the 2007 Call, a success rate of about 1 in 7.

Please note that Intelligent Energy – Europe is a non-technological funding programme. The programme cannot fund technological research and demonstration activity. The structure of the UK Information Day is as shown in the table below and the organisers ask you to select which sessions you will attend as part of the registration process.

Session content

Morning session:
  • Introduction to the IEE programme (Helpline team)
  • The detail of the 2008 Call for Proposals (William Gillett – European Commission)
  • Examples of funded projects
Lunchtime networking session:
  • Opportunity to network with other participants and for discussion with the Helpline team.
Afternoon session:
  • Presentations on how to increase your chances of success (Opportunity to discuss proposal development with members of the Helpline team)

If you are thinking of submitting a proposal to the 2008 IEE Call, the Energie Helpline UK would strongly recommend that you watch the recordings of the presentations from the European Information Day as soon as possible in order that you can commence your proposal preparation activity before you attend the UK Information Day. The UK NCP, the Energie Helpline, would be happy to review your proposal summaries now by email.

The UK Information Day is free to attend, is funded by BERR and Defra and organised by the Energie Helpline UK. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please indicate which sessions you will be attending. The registration form includes a question on which aspects of the proposal preparation process you would like covered in the afternoon sessions. Your responses will allow the presentation content to be designed to meet your needs.

Event Date: 23 April 2008

Relevant Links:

The IEE Call documents can be downloaded here

The European Information Day on 31st January 2008 provided considerable information on the 2008 Call, including a Q&A; session. This information, including recordings of the presentations, can be viewed here

To register for the London event, click here