Funding Source: EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


The EPSRC has given an allocation of 4 SME Industrial Case Awards to the Welsh Assembly Government for small companies to work with any UK University.

Research projects must fit in with the remit of EPSRC, i.e. be in the field of engineering and physical sciences and be of a suitable research content to qualify for the research student’s PhD.

Industrial CASE awards are three and a half year postgraduate awards allocated to companies. The aim of the awards is to enable companies to take the lead in defining, and arranging, projects, with an academic partner of their choice.

The company is required to provide a cash contribution of a minimum of one third of the EPSRC contribution. This contribution is supplementary to EPSRC’s award. At present rates, this equates to a minimum of approximately £21,000 over the duration of the project. The company must also commit to the student spending at least three months, during the period of the award, at their premises and pay any travel and subsistence costs the student accrues during this period.

A company allocated an award is required to choose the academic partner which hosts the Industrial CASE student. Once the academic partner has been selected and the arrangements for the project have been agreed between the company and university, the student can be recruited. For 2008-09 awards, the earliest start date will be 1 October 2008.

Please find attached the application form which should be completed and returned electronically to Lisa Wheatley by the deadline, to be followed by a hard copy to the address below signed by both the company and the University by Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

Lisa Wheatley Research and Development Adviser Department for the Economy and Transport (DE&T;) Welsh Assembly Government

Proposals will be judged by a panel and all applicants informed of the panel decision by Tuesday 17th June 2008.

Sum: £60-90k approx. over 3 ½ years.

Deadline: Friday 30th May 2008 at 5pm.

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