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November 8, 2010
» Easy .cym easy .go?

As reported by the BBC the .cym domain has come into being. Unfortunately for those people interested in establishing a Welsh linguistic and cultural space on the internet, the Cayman Islands have got there first (do they really need two?).

While this is not a total disaster, it is certainly a bit of a blow. The two questions which spring to my mind are – how did this happen and what will they call it now.

I wonder to what extent the slowness of the ICANN processes has played a part here, or whether they favour straightforward national claims? I also wonder if stronger (or just different) support from the WAG might have made any difference?

Still, in a spilt milk frame of mind, what could the domain be instead of .cym (assuming we can’t buy .cym back?). Well .cwl is quite cute and funny; .cyw might appeal to a younger Welsh internet user; how about .bro or .cwm? Hmm… none of these really strikes me as being as good as .cym. However, maybe the use of a domain name that appears to have a less direct connection to the language might actually be a benefit in terms of attracting registrants. I guess only time will tell, maybe we will have a better idea after the dotCYM AGM this weekend.

November 2, 2008
» dotCYM membership scheme

The dotCYM campaign is now offering the opportunity for everyone to get involved via their new memberships. In addition to supporting the bid itself, members are entitled to vote at the dotCYM annual conference.

While I remain a little hazy on exactly what members will be entitled to vote on (apart from the election of the Policy Board) I am a big fan of community engagement, indeed I always thought that this was one of the strengths of the Y Byd bid. Hopefully dotCYM will have a smoother ride than Y Byd, though I haven’t given up on that one yet!

There are also a couple of other interesting new snippets on the dotCYM site including some new commercial arguements and this:

“Google and Yahoo have confirmed that local domains like .cym will score higher in searches including related terms like Wales or Cymru”

Obviously it is not clear exactly what this means but it is certainly an interesting development and could add real value to the domain. I don’t know if there have been some new additions to the dotCYM team but I get the impression that their arguments have a certain sharpness to them now, which was perhaps lacking in the past.

August 4, 2008
» dotCYM announcement at Eisteddfod

After a period of quiet, the latest “stop-press newsletter” from the dotCYM campaign promises an “important announcement” which is “in favour of the .cym bid” from the Deputy First Minister at the Eisteddfod on Wednesday.

Obviously this could cover a range of possibilities, but let’s hope that it is at least a strong official endorsement of the campaign.

Read on for the full text of the newsletter (English version).

“Good news for the .cym bid. The Deputy First Minister, Minister for Economy and Transport, Ieuan Wyn Jones, will make an important announcement at 10.15 on Wednesday morning, 6 August at the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff.

At the specially prepared press event which will be held at the Welsh Assembly Government’s unit, the Deputy First Minister will make an announcement in favour of the .cym bid. You’re welcome to attend this milestone event and your presence will be welcomed. However, the press event will be very short – so don’t be late! The Assembly have an unit on the maes which is separate to the Government’s unit, so don’t go to the wrong location.”