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November 18, 2010
» Interactive map of Welsh speakers

Wales Online has provided a mildly diverting interactive map showing percentage of Welsh speakers, by age, by region. I am not sure that the title of the article is actually very helpful in understanding what the map is showing, or about some of the implications in the article. It’s also not clear what data it is based on – I guess the last census. Still mildly diverting on a wet Thursday afternoon.

September 3, 2010
» Peth Bychan

Iawn te – mae hi’n ddiwrnod Pethau Bychain ac mae’n rhaid i mi wneud rhywbeth i ddathlu. Dyma ni!

Yn ddiweddar, ro’n i’n edrych ar yr iaith Gymraeg ar YouTube. Dw’i wedi edrych ar tua 2,000 o fideos – roedd hi’n amser eithaf flinderus a dweud y gwir! Ond roedd ychydig o dlysau a dyma fy hoff fideos cerddoriath:

Clinigol & Marged Parry – Hufen Ia

A rhywbeth retro

Injaroc – Ffwnc Yw’r Pwnc


September 1, 2010
» Pethau Bychain

Pethau Bychain have designated this Friday (3rd September) as a day to celebrate the use of Welsh online. It’s inviting people to make a pledge to create something in Welsh online, from blog posts to videos to websites.

This is an interesting approach to stimulating bottom-up content creation as well as generating a buzz and hopefully some publicity.

I don’t know if they have plans to make it an annual event? It would be interesting to try to get schools involved in this, maybe with a bit of sponsorship for some prizes… or I am getting too far away from the original spirit?

Of course this raises the issue of what I will be doing… hmmm…

March 24, 2009
» Is Google Street View bilingual?

Amid all the excitement and furore around Google’s Street View a colleague of mine (thanks Ceri) unearthed this little gem from the comments on dot.life – A blog about technology from BBC News.

“20. At 3:56pm on 20 Mar 2009, paulvilla wrote:

I had a look at Swansea and noticed that streetview had blurred the Welsh version on some of the roadsigns. I assume the numberplate detection got confused by the non-standard letter patterns. Curiously the English on the same sign is un-blurred. If nothing else, at least streetview brings a bit of relief from bi-lingual everything – if only briefly!”

I must confess to having tried to find some examples of this – without success. Can anyone with the necessary lack of a life find any examples of this? Has this affected other languages?

Ceri’s email had the subject line “Google tries to stamp out Welsh language shocker” which I was really tempted to use as the title of this post. However I have learned that humorous titles don’t always travel well :-)

March 3, 2009
» Perfect Translation and Website Localization Services

I get a depressingly large amount of spam email, which our spam filter does a pretty good job of identifying and tagging so that I can shift it off to a folder for a quick review before deleting. It’s all the usual kind of stuff – warning messages from banks, promises of enlargement, shady offers to transfer millions of dollars to my account and so on.

However, in amongst all the chaff I just found this single grain of wheat, which I feel I have to share:

Subject: Perfect Translation and Website Localization Services

Dear Sirs/Madamp

We are a porofessional translation and cultural solution company with over 10 years of experience in the market.


and so it goes on.

So much joy from one small email.

January 17, 2008
» Isuma.tv

Imagine YouTube but for indigenous film and tv makers – actually don’t bother imagining it, just go to Isuma.tv and see it for yourself.

November 26, 2007
» Cuairt Nam Blog

Whilst rummaging through the comments on Rhys’ Smiling Under Buses in the hope of finding something to blog about I came across this interesting tidbit – a 30 minute programme on Gaelic speakers and blogging. It’s in Gaelic with subtitles, but I can’t tell you much more than that at the moment as I don’t have 30 minutes to watch it! I’m sure there is some clever way I could embed it here, but lacking time I shall just provide you with the link…