We’re always keen to get feedback. Positive feedback delights us. Constructive feedback helps us make the site better. And abuse… actually, no, not quite as enthusiastic about that kind.

This week, one student emailed us to point out that it’s not easy to change the gravatars. Given that we’re currently offering £500 in prizes for people who do just that, we want to avoid disappointments. So we prepared a page about Gravatars for Glamlife, with a how-to guide. Hopefully, this makes things a little easier. Let us know what you think.

(By the way, the odds in the competition are very favourable right now. Well worth entering!)

Another student pointed out that our Quick Poll about RSS feeds was not as scientifically sound as it should be; it did not allow students who do not use RSS feeds, but know how to and what they are to select an appropriate option. We made a small change to the poll. Yes, it will skew the data, but we’re keeping a record of the results before the change, and after the change, so we can filter out useful information, after all. By the way, if there is anything you’d like us to put a Quick Poll on Glamlife about, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.

Of course, there are many ways to contact us. You can comment on this blog, or visit http://glamlife.glam.ac.uk/feedback/new (there is a link at the bottom of every Glamlife page), or, on our Reference / Directory pages, you can enter text into the feedback box and submit it.

If your feedback relates to the University as a whole, rather than Glamlife, you can visit Dimensions, where you can find out about different methods to leave feedback (and how the University as a whole reacts to it). For example, if you’re a final year student, you’ll probably hear a lot about the National Student Survey, which is running at the moment.