Funding Source: Culture Programme (2007-2013)

Summary: The calls for proposals 2008 has been announced for the Culture Programme. The Culture Programme has been established to enhance the cultural area shared by Europeans, which is based on a common cultural heritage, through the development of cooperation activities among cultural operators from eligible countries with a view to encouraging the emergence of European citizenship.

This call covers the following strands:

Strand 1 Support for Cultural Projects Support for projects to work together across borders and to create and implement cultural and artistic activities. This strand is to help organisations such as theatres, museums, Universities and cultural institutes from different countries to cooperate so that difference sectors can work together and reach across borders.

This strand is divided into four sub-categories:

Strand 1.1 Multi annual Cooperation (lasting 3-5yrs) Seek to foster multi-annual, trans-national cultural links by encouraging a minimum of 6 cultural operators from at least 6 countries to cooperate and develop joint cultural activities. The funding is intended to help set up or extend the geographical reach of a project. Max: 50% EU support / Funds min €200,000 – max €500,000 per year

Strand 1.2.1 Cooperation projects (lasting up to 2 yrs) Actions shared by at least 3 cultural operators, working within and across sectors, from at least 3 different eligible countries. Actions that explore means of long-term co-operation are especially targeted. Max: 50% EU support / Funds min €50,000 – max €200,000

Strand 1.2.2 Literary Translation (lasting up to 2 yrs) Support for translation projects. Support is aimed at enhancing knowledge of the literature and literary heritage of fellow Europeans by way of promoting the circulation of literary works between countries. Max: 50% EU support / Funds between €2,000 – €60,000

Strand 1.3 Cooperation Projects (lasting 2 up to 2 yrs) Support cultural cooperation aimed at exchanges between countries taking part in the programme and one or more third country which are selected on a yearly basis. Brazil has been chosen for 2009. This action must generate a concrete international cooperation dimension. The project should involve at least 3 Cultural operators from at least 3 different eligible countries and cooperation with at least one organisation from Brazil. Max: 50% EU support / Funds between €50,000 – max €200,000

Strand 2: Support for organisations active at European level in the field of Culture

Cultural Organisations working, or wanting to work at European level in the field of culture can receive support for their operating costs incurred for the permanent activities of the organisation. This strand targets organisations that promote a sense of shared cultural experience with a truly European dimension.

Categories of organisations eligible:

• Ambassadors

• Advocacy networks

• Festivals

• Policy Support structures (dialogue platforms/policy analysis groups)

Sum: Total Budget for this call is approx: €45m

Allocated for the following strands:

Strand 1.1 – Multi annual € 18,200,000

Strand 1.2.1 – Cooperation € 17,049,440

Strand 1.2.2 – Literary Translation € 2,000,000

Strand 1.3 – Cooperation Brazil € 1,024,000

Strand 2 – Cultural Organisations € 7,100,000

Deadline: Various deadlines for each strand as follows:

Strand 1.1 – Multi annual 1 October 2008

Strand 1.2.1 – Cooperation 1 October 2008

Strand 1.2.2 – Literary Translation 1 February 2009

Strand 1.3 – Cooperation Brazil 1 May 2009

Strand 2 – Cultural Organisations 1 November 2008

Funder Link: Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency

Scheme Link: Culture Programme

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