Ambient Assisted Living – FORUM ’09 Vienna (Event)

Start Date 2009-09-29

Enddate 2009-10-01

Venue Hofsburg, Vienna


The first Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) forum will be held in Vienna from 29 September 2009 – 1 October 2009. It will be the first of a series of annual events held in the different Member States of the AAL programme.


The AAL FORUM aims to become established as the central meeting place for research on ambient assisted living. Sessions at the first event in Autumn 2009 will include the following topics:

- Economic aspects: The economic realization of AAL needs a strong market. Its framework, the needs and requests of investors and business models will be presented and analysed;

- Highlights of AAL activities in regions, member states and Europe: the strong background of national, regional and European activities will be presented and discussed;

- Scientific aspects of the AAL Joint Programme: will focus on user and interdisciplinary aspects and aspects of the Joint Programme including economy, technology, etc;

- Joint Programme itself: its elements and content, further development and the promotion of ‘matchmaking’; and

- Plenary: Important issues of general relevance to the AAL field.

There will also be an exhibition presenting institutions, companies, projects, activities and actors in AAL, along with tutorials on industrial and best practice themes which will present the state of the art in the field.

Further Information

The draft programme for the event is available here

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Further information on the AAL Joint Programme is available here

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