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November 17, 2010
» New on Glamlife: students can see if they have outstanding debts

A new tool on Glamlife has been developed, which allows most students to see if they have oustanding debts to the University.

The tool activates a page in their account when they are being invoiced by the Revenue Unit.

For the majority of students, however, the new functionality enables them to see outstanding debts, if they have any. They can then choose to make payments online. Students who have not been invoiced will not be able to see any finance information on Glamlife.

For more information, have a look at the news story on Glamlife.

September 21, 2010
» Changes to Your Account on Glamlife

As Glamlife continues to grow more personal – and as more online tools and functionalities are developed and integrated – the part of the site that’s all about your personal details is changing. To reflect this, it has been renamed from Your Preferences to Your Account

Now, when you go to Your Account, you will find the following new developments:

  • Your account information is split across several pages, rather than all on one page.
  • Under Academic Details you can see the course you are enrolled on. There are two new features on this page: You can now also see all the modules you are enrolled on – make sure these are correct. Secondly, if you are eligible, you can request a Council Tax Exemption Certificate online now – and print it out yourself, at your convenience.
  • There is navigation on the left hand side allowing you to move from one part of your account to another.

Have a look at Your Account to see the changes!